The OPUS® inflatable folding camper is a highly regarded and trendy product that has won multiple awards for its innovative design. Despite its compact size and ease of towing, it boasts ample space and top-of-the-line amenities. Its durability and versatility make it a great option for any adventure, all while providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Thanks to the built-in pump, setting up the OPUS® air tent is a breeze and takes just three minutes. It has been designed to be used in any season, rain or shine, ensuring that you always have a comfortable and roomy shelter to return to.

Despite its small stature, the OPUS® is jam-packed with thoughtful features that add a touch of luxury to your outdoor excursions. You can choose to add optional extras like the Sleep-tight inner tents for a more restful sleep, or the interior carpet to keep your toes warm and cozy. And if you’re looking for even more convenience, the portable microwave makes cooking a breeze.

The OPUS® now features an optional integrated hot water and en-suite airtent system. This system delivers hotwater via gas or electric hook-up as well as an inflatable shower tent with multi-function shower head.

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Try Before You Buy:

You can hire an Opus Camper for the weekend and see if you like it before you buy.

Cost is £100 per day (minimum of 3 days).

Please contact us for more details.

Sleep up to 10 Campers

The OPUS® Camper itself will sleep 6, 4 in the 2 fixed double beds as well as 2 in the converted club lounge seating area.

The addition of the optional Air Awning will allow you to sleep up to 10 as well as providing you with a large additional living and storage areas.

The Air Awning is included as part of the All-Road Full Monty and Off-Road Extreme lifestyle packages.

4 berth
2 Fixed double beds

6 berth
2 Fixed double beds
+ Converted lounge

8 berth
2 Fixed double beds
+ 2 awning bed pods

10 berth
2 fixed double beds
+ Converted lounge
+ 2 awning bed pods

All Road Opus Campers

Easy to use

Pressurised gas springs make setting up the OPUS® an easy, one-person operation. On pack-down, the OPUS® lids close against a finned rubber seal around the perimeter, which in conjunction with the roof cover, provides complete protection from water ingress.

Fully Insulated

Fully-insulated and double-skinned aluminium panels provide a strong and lightweight outer shell. The waterproof 10-ply floor is fitted with durable vinyl flooring.

Lightweight & Safe

Lightweight galvanised steel A-frame chassis that complies with European Type Approval. Also, the Opus is fitted with overrun brakes that automatically apply when you brake, for safe towing.

Ultimate Protection

Heavy-duty canvas, designed to withstand the elements.

Off Road Opus Campers

Adventure further

The Off-Road OPUS is ready for tough terrain! Available in Midnight Black the purpose built off-road chassis and trailer gives you the freedom to roam, the freedom to discover and the freedom to chase your next adventure.

Strong yet lightweight

The Off-Road OPUS is built with an aluminium external frame, offering huge weight saving benefits whilst retaining rigidity and strength. The inset panels have their own benefits too – constructed from polycarbonate and fully insulated, you’ll remain warm even on the chilliest of nights!

Built to tackle the most challenging terrain

All-Terrain wheels and tyres come as standard offering superior grip and stability, and coupled with an independent spring suspension for dampening any bumps you may encounter, the Off-Road OPUS provides an unrivalled drive wherever it’s taken.

Outdoor cooking made easy

With the optional Integrated External 3 Burner Hob, you’ll be cooking up a feast in no time at all. The burner neatly slides out of the rear external storage access point and includes a drawer for storing your cooking utensils. If you have the awning attached, the hob can be mounted on screw in legs for safe use.