A habitation check is a comprehensive examination of the living space in your motorhome or caravan. 

The inspection, conducted by our AWS certified specialist in motorhomes and caravans, follows a strict procedure and covers a wide range of areas, including fire safety, ventilation and gas systems, as well as potential problem areas such as water systems, electrical systems, and bodywork. After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report with any problems noted and recommended actions to take.

Get Your Motorhome Habitation Check Done Without Leaving Home

A habitation check is crucial for the safety of your loved ones and your motorhome. It detects potential hazards, prevents costly repairs, and ensures warranty and insurance validity. However, finding a professional service center, booking an appointment, and traveling with your motorhome can be a hassle. Habcheck simplifies the process by coming to you and performing a full habitation check by trained engineers. Our findings are impartial, as we don’t carry out repairs and have no incentive to find faults.

Effortless Manufacturer Warranty Service

We are authorized by many motorhome manufacturers to provide warranty service. Contact us to see if your manufacturer is on the list. Keeping up with warranty service can be a burden, but we make it effortless. We come to you, remind you of when your next service is due, and can even book it for you a year in advance. Enjoy a stress-free warranty service experience!

Benefits to having regular habitation checks:
  • Ensuring safety for yourself and loved ones
  • Detecting issues early to prevent costly repairs
  • Maintaining the validity of your warranty
  • Enhancing the value and marketability of your vehicle through a history of proper maintenance